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Custom made personal watercraft lift

Personal Watercraft Lifts

Our personal watercraft lifts are designed to last with durability and craftsmanship. Read about our personal watercraft lifts below and find out which one will work best for your needs.

JR1250 PWC Lift

Our JR1250 lift is our top selling personal watercraft lift. We designed this fully rotating lift years ago, continuously made improvements and it remains a customer favorite! The Galvanized cradle is completely welded together to provide years of worry free lifting. This cradle travels on a static ride pipe that remains in the water. This provides a low profile design (about 4’ off of dock level) maximizing both strength and aesthetics.

Rated to lift up to 1250 lbs, the Breeze JR1250 is also fully rotational over the dock once it is full lifted. This provides easy access to the watercraft for servicing and maintenance.

This lift is also a great choice for mounting under a boathouse as there is no long pipe in the air when the lift is fully raised. We feel this adds to the aesthetics of the dock as it is not blocking your view of the water.

The JR1250 is mounted on a piling.

JR1500 PWC Lift

The big brother of the JR1250 has proven itself to be a very popular model. This lifts also incorporates a galvanized cradle that is completely welded together that travels on a static ride pipe. It is an excellent choice for heavier watercraft, or small boats.

This larger lift is not designed to rotate over dock like the JR1250, but remain in place over the water.

Options Available

  • Gem Remote Controls

  • Longer length Ride Pipes/tracks

  • Mounting hardware for any installation situation

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