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  • How to use your new lift
    Upon completion of the installation of your lift, the installer will adjust the bunks and guide poles to fit your boat. A waterline reference mark using black electrical tape can be easily placed on a guide pole to indicate that the lift cradle is deep enough for the boat's hull to clear the cradle. This will assure clearance entering and leaving the cradle as the tide changes. For shallow water installations, a reference mark can be placed on a lift cable to indicate that the lift needs to be turned off to prevent the cradle from coming into contact with the bottom. Turning the lift off before this point will prevent the cable from losing its tension and rewrapping backwards on the drive pipe or cable winders. Loss of tension will potentially cause the cables to fray and become unsuitable for use. If this occurs, call a Breeze Boat Lift representative to inspect the cable.
They can determine if the cable needs to be replaced or simply rewrapped. Do not let the cradle rest on the bottom. To lower boat: Hold switch(es) in the "down" position and allow boatlift cradle assembly to sink Into the water deep enough to move boat into pick-up position. Release switch(es) to "off" position. Guide poles will automatically center boat over pick-up bunks. Most of the overhanging portion of the boat will be extended beyond the front (bow end) of the lift.
 Normally, not more than three feet should extend off the stern of the lift. It is very important to note that the Center of Gravity (CG) of the boat, not the center of the boat, will be directly between the front and back lifting cables. For SMBH lifts, the boat must also be centered left-to-right on the lift. If there is any doubt as to where the correct lifting position of your boat is please call your Breeze Boat Lift Dealer. To raise boat: Hold the switch(es) in the "up" position; maintain the boat's fore and aft position by holding onto one of the guide poles. Raise boat to desired storage height above water. Release switch(es) to the "off" position. To extend the life of your lift, lift the cradle out of the water if the boat will be off the lift for extended periods. Whenever you lift the cradle out of the water, rinse it off with clean, fresh running water, just as you would your boat. Unplug the lift whenever it is not in use. This will minimize both the corrosive effects of electrolysis and the potential for damage due to lightning strikes, as well as eliminate the chance for accidental operation of the lift. If a Remote Control has been installed with your lift, the On/Off Switch must be set to Off (or the Remote unplugged) when the lift is not in use.
  • Preventative maintenance schedule
    With every use: Inspect the lifting cables for wear or fray Listen for unusual noise (this normally the first indication of a pending malfunction) Prior to raising the boat, make sure the cables are nicely and uniformly wrapped around the drive pipe/cable winders. Never allow the boat to be raised if any cable is overlapping itself. This will damage the cable if the weight of the boat is put on the cable. Every month: Exercise the lift if it has not been run within the last few weeks. Run the lift both down & up for 1-2 minutes. Unplug the lift when finished. Every two months: Inspect the gear drives and grease the 3 fittings on each gear plate, if necessary Visually inspect bearings, belts, pulleys and motor for any damage or part wear Every six months: Spray all motor parts with a corrosion preventative lubricant Spray cables with a penetrating marine lubricant Every five years: Replace the Stainless Steel lifting cables Note - Adjustments by personnel other than an authorized dealer will void the warranty and may result in serious damage and/or personal injury
  • Lift warnings
    Failure to heed the warnings may result in damage to your boat, your lift, and/or the boathouse and may cause serious injury or even death. This lift is not a toy, it is a heavy duty machine designed for lifting significant weight. Never allow children or judgment-impaired adults to operate the lift. Never raise the lift cradle closer than 36" to the top snatchblocks/pulleys. Damage to the lift and/or the lifting cables may occur. Be especially aware of the top of the boat and location of antennas when raising the boat inside a covered structure. Never walk away from lift during operation. Do not allow yourself to be distracted. Failure to shut off lift can result in major damage to the lift, boat, boathouse or all three. Keep hands and clothing away from moving parts. Never overload the lift. The maximum lift capacity is the rated lift capacity as stated on the Purchase Order / Contract. Make sure the boat's bilge pump is set for automatic or remove the drain plug. Significant water accumulation in the bilge may overload the lift. The lift is not designed for lifting human beings and no person should be under the boat while in the suspended position. If the boat is secured with lines while it is on the lift, failure to release the lines prior to raising or lowering the lift may result in damage to the boat.
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