Comparisons to other Boatlifts

At Breeze Boat Lifts we know you have a lot of choices when it comes to putting in a lift. We know because we have been servicing all types of boat lifts in the panhandle of Florida for over 20 years. We repair our competitor’s lifts as well as our own. With this knowledge we strive to avoid the problems that are caused by faulty designs.

The majority of problems we see are the direct result of trying to save a dollar in the manufacturing process. These shortcuts may lower your initial cost by a few dollars, but in the long run you will pay. We are so sure of our designs that we offer a 10 year structural warranty on all of our lifts.

Comparisons to other Boat Lifts

We use an all-welded construction providing strength and stability that is guaranteed for 10 years. Others in the industry have gone to “no-weld” construction to lower their manufacturing labor costs. Unlike our lifts, their lifts lack the rigidity and joint integrity necessary to maintain optimum alignment between the gear unit and drive shaft.

We use only T-6061 grade Aluminum for our Aluminum lifts and our galvanized lifts are hot dipped right here in the local area.

Our Drive pipes, the lifting mechanism that runs through the top beams of our 4 post lifts, are concealed inside of the structure of the top beams, yet the beams are open on the top and bottom to allow easy, and crucial, inspection of the Stainless Steel lifting cables. Balancing aesthetics and safety, our design is engineered to function smoothly and fit nicely into your dock or marina environment.

Our Cradle beams are designed to fit to each application with abundant safety margins. All pulleys are machined aluminum with Stainless Steel bushings and the snatchblocks are welded into position. We also use load-distributing gussets, so unlike Cradle beams which use the bolt-on snatchblocks, our loads are carried by the entire I-beam, not just the top flange (a huge difference!).

We utilize a specialty UHMW bearing block to support the drive pipe and to hold the weight of the boat on the lift. This drive support mechanism is maintenance free and we provide a lifetime warranty on these bearing blocks. Most of our competition uses extruded aluminum bearings that must be greased frequently, taking time from your boating pleasure. (Again, we weld these in place: they are not held in place by nuts and bolts)
We use only stainless steel lifting cables to lift your investment. We do not cut corners here with galvanized lifting cables.

All of our top mount and side mount lifts have both front and rear covers protecting the gearplates and motors. Few people in the industry use these back covers as they add cost to the lift. Instead they rely on the rear of the gearplate for protection.

All hardware used on our aluminum lifts is stainless steel and on our galvanized lifts, all submersible hardware is Stainless Steel.

Comparisons to other Personal Watercraft Lifts (or Jetski lifts)

Our unique design incorporates a support pipe that stays in the water, and a cradle travels up and down this static ride pipe. Compared to other lifts that have support pipes that are up to 10’ in the air when fully raised, this provides a low profile effect so you can see more of the waterfront without obstruction. This is also a great design if you are mounting this lift under a boathouse.

The cradle is a solid structure that is completely welded together. The solid Nylon wheels affixed to the cradle allow the cradle to travel freely up and down the ride pipe.

Our JR1150 PWC lift is able to rotate over the dock when fully raised. This allows easy access to flush out and maintain your jet ski.

We offer many different mounting options for your PWC lifts. These include a Piling mount (standard mount), Dock mount and seawall mounting option.

Warranties on our Products

  • Structural Warranty – We offer a 10-year structural warranty on all of out fabricated parts.
  • Bearing Block Warranty – Lifetime warranty on all of our bearing blocks.
  • Gearplate (Hoist) Warranty – Aqua Marine Supply offers a 5-year warranty on all gearplates. This five year warranty is extended to a 25 year warranty if you keep it in a service agreement that includes maintenance every 6 months
  • Motors and electrical Warranty – All motors and electrical components are covered for a period of 1 year.