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I would like to express my pleasure working with you and Breeze Boat Lifts with the recent purchase of a JR2000 lift. Though you quoted a very reasonable installation fee, I chose to install the unit myself. I found your installation instructions complete and understandable. Your packing lists identified each part needed and each part was separately packed per installation phase. Every part needed was included with a few extras. Due to improper measurements I gave your office, the piling attachment devices were manufactured the wrong size. Once I notified your office of the problem, they delivered to me, in Pensacola, the proper part that afternoon without question. Again, I enjoyed working with you and your staff and would be happy to recommend your firm to potential clients if desired.

George Biggs – Biggs-Green Construction
Pensacola, Florida


quote for testimonial

Dear Greg,

It is rare that I write a letter like this but I felt compelled to compliment you on your choice in hiring Jerry Smith. I have interacted with a significant number of of service personnel over the years here in Fort Walton Beach and elsewhere, and Mr. Smith deserves recognition for qualities that make both you and Breeze Boat Lifts look very good. Although some may consider these qualities “expected”, they are clearly not the typical way of doing things in most business that I have interacted with here in town. Jerry returns phone calls, he shows up for meetings when he says he will, he faxes estimates when he says he will, he is clear and concise in his explanations and recommendations regarding his field of expertise, he is accommodating to customers who change their minds, and even more impressive, he will call you if something changes for example, bad weather causing a delay. I am simply stunned and impressed with how great an experience it was working with Jerry. I wish it was as easy to get everything else done around the house. Breeze Boat Lifts will be getting all my boating/lift business (there will be a lot of that in the future I am sure) and I will be strongly recommending your company to anyone who asks (and a lot of my colleagues and friends do ask me for recommendations like that).

Again, nice work in hiring Jerry.


Robert F.
Fort Walton Beach