Side Mount Lifts

Our Side mount Lifts are custom built for each application and are intended for use in a boat house structure where there is not adequate truss support for lifting the weight of your boat. We use Marine Grade aluminum for the lifting beams and custom fabricate these to the length needed based on the piling spacing in the boathouse. Unlike others, we design these lifts so that there are no cantilevered load points on the lift. Generally each of these beams span the distance of 3 pilings on each side. We then weld the bearing blocks into position where the cradle needs to hang to center your boat into the slip properly.

These lifts are available with a galvanized cradle, Aluminum Cradle or with slings.

Our Cradle lifts come standard with bunks designed to fit your v-hull boat and with 4 guide posts to perfectly center your boat on the lift every time you are docking.

  • Our Sling lifts come standard with 16’ slings.
  • These lifts are also very popular in others applications rather than just a boathouse.
  • These lifts are available in sizes from 4,000 lbs to 16,000 lbs.

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