PWC: Weight Capacity

Upon finally buying a jet ski, you can barely stand the thrill of getting it into the water for its first trip. Be that as it may, you should initially prepare it with a proper PWC lift. When selecting a PWC lift you’ll need to do more than just search the owner’s manual to determine your jet ski’s true weight.

The primary thing you should consider is how big your jet ski really is. When your PWC lift isn’t able to handle your jet ski’s weight, it may fall and could end up damaging your jet ski. To find the correct PWC lift for your jetski, consider the following:
 Its dry weight
 Attached gear weight such as seat covers, storage bin items, etc.
 The fuel weight in the tank (approx. 6.3 lbs per gallon)
 The weight of non-factory add-ons. (engine upgrades or other attachments).

Knowing the correct weight of your jet ski is very important so as to not overload your PWC lift. Our experienced technicians at Breeze Boat Lifts are here to help you pick the perfect lift for your PWC. For more help contact Breeze Boat Lifts today.