PWC Lift: Manual Vs. Electric

When it comes to choosing your PWC lift there are many factors that should consider. One very important factor to consider is if you prefer a manual or electric PWC lift.


Manual PWC lifts are designed with a Clutch-Brake Winch that you have to operate by hand and allow you to safely lower the PWC by simply turning the winch handle. The Clutch Brake system allows you to control the descent of the lift and if you release the winch handle at any time, the lift simply stops, there is no gear lever to flip like on a boat trailer winch. This PWC lift does require some muscle power and is designed for those docks and situations where there is no electricity and where it would be very expensive to get power to the dock..


The electric lift is way more popular than the manual PWC lift. Electric lifts use 110V power to work. 110V power is a very typical power configuration on both private and commercial docks. Breeze electric PWC Lifts all come standard with a 110V plug-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) for your protection. NEVER remove the GFCI without consulting with a certified electrician!

So, whether you choose manual or electric Breeze Boat Lifts offers the best options in PWC lifts. Contact us today, our team of professionals are here to assist you in picking the best boat lift to suit your needs. Call us at 850-244-4567.