Invest in a Sunbrella® Boat Cover

Keeping your boat in top working condition is an investment and boat lifts are a great way to protect them. However, along with boat lifts, Sunbrella® boat lift covers can help keep your boats in top condition. Sunbrella covers have been trusted by boaters to protect against constant sun exposure, salt and environmental elements. They are also easy to clean, extending their use over time.

Sunbrella® boat covers are available in a wide variety of colors as to suit your individual taste. The Sunbrella fabric is made from 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric and is covered by a limited warranty from the manufacturer. Sunbrella boat covers are durable and made to the highest level of design and performance. Our latest innovation, using 100% Gore-Tex thread, with a “life of the fabric” warranty, will add years to the life of your Sunbrella boat lift cover.

We offer a wide variety of sizes in every color. Contact Breeze Boat Lifts for more information about Sunbrella® products.