Boat Lift Maintenance Tips

Boat Lifts are here to help you keep your boats in top shape. However, boat lifts themselves also require maintenance to keep them working correctly. Regular maintenance will guarantee not only a longer lifespan but will also help you avoid costly repairs. Here are some tips from our team of professionals.

Lift cables
It is important to rinse the lift cables with fresh water every time you use your lift. It will rid them of any salt and prevent corrosion. Don’t leave your lift submerged in salt water for too long, this can cause rusting and reduce the life span of the lift cables.

Avoid exceeding the weight limitation of the boat lift. This can cause unnecessary strain on the cables which can break the strands.

Examine your lifts motor regularly for signs of rust. Make sure that belts are not loose or damaged. If this is the case they must be replaced immediately. To keep your lifts motor in the best working condition you should grease all your grease points every 8 to 12 months.

Lift beams
The lift beams must also be rinsed with fresh water to get rid of salt water or any potential barnacle growth. When the beams are not rinsed, they corrode and begin to weaken at a much faster pace. A good tip is to keep the lift beams out of the water when they aren’t in use to reduce exposure to the salt water and potential barnacle growth.

So, always keep in mind these few tips for maintaining your boat lift in good form. If you are in need of professional help contact us at Breeze Boat Lifts. Our team is happy to help you!