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Breeze Boat Lifts Products

Breeze Boat Lifts' designs are why we have been the leading choice of contractors and retail customers in the areas we choose to compete in. We have many choices and designs to fit your needs. Our Boat Lifts are unique and the standard features that we include are well above what the competition has to offer. Our Personal Water Craft Lifts, or PWC lifts, are built to last and can handle any Jet ski or small powerboat that you may own.

We also offer you additional protection for you investment. We can custom build a Sunbrella covering system that mounts to your boatlift that will shade your boat from the harmful effects of the sun's rays. This will add years to your gel coat finish and allow you more time enjoying your boat and less time maintaining it.

Boat Lifts

Top Mount Lifts
  • These are our most popular boatlifts we sell. They are available with a variety of options to custom fit your needs. They are available in Aluminum or galvanized construction. Click Here to View Top Mount Lifts
  • All of these lifts include welded top beams, grease free bearing blocks, Stainless Steel Cables, machined aluminum winders, custom cradles, Aqua marine Supply Flat Plate Hoist kits with AOS Motors, stainless Steel hardware on any parts going into the water, and our 10 year structural guarantee.
  • All top mount lifts are available with cradles or with slings.  On our sling lifts we provide “spreader bars” that span across the width of the slip and attach to the top beams.  This is to prevent the pilings from leaning into each other when the weight of the boat is on the lift.  Most of our competitors leave this detail up to you, or will provide you with wood, which has a tendency to warp and not sustain the weight.  Our Sling lifts come standard with 16’ slings, with longer slings available at an additional charge.
  • Our Cradle lifts come standard with bunks designed to fit your v-hull boat and with 4 guide posts to perfectly center your boat on the lift every time you are docking.   For an additional charge we have pontoon bunks available.
  • Options on our Top Mount Lifts include:
    • GEM Remote control - Either with or without auto stop features. All Lifts 20k or above include 4 motor remotes with auto stop at no additional cost.
    • Pontoon bunks either flat mounted or mounted on “v” brackets.
    • Low profile design
    • Aqua Marine Supply e-drives
    • Custom designed Sail boat cradles
  • Breeze Boat Lifts Top Mounts range in weight capacities from 4,000 lbs to 40,000 lbs.  The heavier lifts (20K and above) require 8 pilings, and the 16k lift requires 6 pilings.  All of the others sit atop 4 pilings.
  • All Lifts 20,000 lb and above come with Customized bunk configuration, 4 motor GEM remote, and Stainless Steel gearplates