Outdoor Adventure Expo at Destin Commons

Join Breeze Boat Lifts at the Outdoor Adventure Expo this upcoming April 6 (10-7pm)-April 7th (11-4pm) at the Destin Commons. The expo is a great way to see everything you need to enjoy your time outdoors. There will be products ranging from ATV’s and motorcycles to jet-skis, kayaks and more. Whether you like to have adventures by sea or land, this expo is a must-do.

Breeze Boat Lifts will be at the Outdoor Adventure Expo in Destin Commons!

During this two-day event, you will also be able to spend some time talking to our boat lift experts. Our team of professionals will be on hand to answer any and all questions. This is the perfect time to get ready for the spring and summer seasons with our boat lifts and sunbrella covers. Our boat lifts are a great way to keep your water-crafts in top working condition. For more information on the Outdoor Adventure Expo or any of our products give us a call today at 850-244-4567.

Why choose an elevator lift?

Elevator lifts are very useful in situations where sinking pilings for a 4 post top mount lift is not possible or appropriate. This can include canals or narrow waterways. These lifts are constructed of galvanized steel and our design utilizes one or two motors, and we can use 2 or 3 arms to support your boat.

The Lifting arms travel on static ride pipes, similar to our PWC Lifts. The standard is a 2 motor lift with 2 arms. This provides maximum lifting power, while still maintaining easy access to your watercraft. We use galvanized gearplates, machined aluminum winders and our maintenance free bearing blocks on these models.
Options for this lift include:

-Gem Remote controls
-Pontoon Bunkboards

Whether looking for an elevator lift or one of our traditional boat lifts, Breeze Boat Lifts is here to assist you. Give us a call today at 850-244-4567.

Invest in a Sunbrella® Boat Cover

Keeping your boat in top working condition is an investment and boat lifts are a great way to protect them. However, along with boat lifts, Sunbrella® boat lift covers can help keep your boats in top condition. Sunbrella covers have been trusted by boaters to protect against constant sun exposure, salt and environmental elements. They are also easy to clean, extending their use over time.

Sunbrella® boat covers are available in a wide variety of colors as to suit your individual taste. The Sunbrella fabric is made from 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric and is covered by a limited warranty from the manufacturer. Sunbrella boat covers are durable and made to the highest level of design and performance. Our latest innovation, using 100% Gore-Tex thread, with a “life of the fabric” warranty, will add years to the life of your Sunbrella boat lift cover.

We offer a wide variety of sizes in every color. Contact Breeze Boat Lifts for more information about Sunbrella® products.

Be Prepared this upcoming Hurricane Season

Hurricane season officially begins on June 1st. With the summer weather in full swing, it is easy to put off and overlook preparations for possible hurricane. No-one really wants to sit down and think about the possibility of a hurricane hitting where we live. However, if you want to protect your investments, you have to take the initiative to make sure you have all the information you need in case a hurricane pays you a visit. Here are three main things to get you started on getting your boat and other things hurricane prepared:

– Make a list and check it twice. When a hurricane is on its way, your boat is not the only thing that you will need to get prepared. Your family, your home, your car, and many other things might need tending to. Reduce the stress by creating a list ahead of time of what you will need.

– Consider a Dry Stack Storage. If there is a dry stack storage in your area, it is almost a guaranteed solution if a hurricane does happen. Of course, it is recommended that you do a thorough research on the building to know how strong and what kind of elements it can withstand.

– Call your insurance company. Make sure to give your insurance company a call! It is important to double check what you are covered for.

This hurricane season don’t get caught off guard, call Breeze Boat Lifts today!

When a hurricane comes along, we hope that our suggestions will help you do your best with your hurricane preparedness. As part of your plan give Breeze Boat Lifts a call and see how we can help make your hurricane preparedness plan easier.


Benefits of having a Boat Lift

Here on the Emerald Coast, boating is a way of life. Unlike most of the country, we are able to be out on the water all year long. As great as this is, it also means your boat is putting in more work. Here are some benefits of having a boat lift:

  • Cleaning: the bottom of your boat needs regular cleaning. A lift make it easier to clean your boat and also keep it clean longer while not in use.
  • Ready to Launch: keeping your boat on a lift also keeps it ready to launch at any time. Nothing ruins a sunny day like getting to the dock and having to clean before heading out.
  • Costs: lifting your boat reduces the amount on everyday wear and tear that can be caused by always being on the water. This is less for you to have to fix in the long run.
  • Total Loss: the majority of sinking boats do so while docked. Something as simple as a dead battery can sink your boat. Keeping your boat above the water line can help prevent your boat from going down.

Cut down on Maintenance with a boat lift from Breeze Boat Lifts.

Investing in a boat lift is a portion of your boating expense. However, when you look at the benefits of having a boat lift, greatly reducing maintenance and adding enjoyment to your boating experience, it pays for itself. Give the team at Breeze Boat Lifts a call today to get an estimate on your boat lift today!

Boat Lift Repair

Winter on the Emerald Coast is quickly coming to an end. Now is the perfect time to start planning ahead for the upcoming boating season. This year we had some nasty weather and storms that hit Fort Walton Beach, Destin and the surrounding areas. The weather can be hard on your boat lift also.

Have the team at Breeze Boat Lifts come out and do an annual maintenance service on your lift to make sure it runs safely and efficiently. We will provide quick and efficient boat lift repair. Your lift will be in perfect working order and ready for action. Don’t wait until its warm out to get your boat lift repaired. The last thing you want is to have to sit out a beautiful day with a boat lift that needs repair.

Breeze Boat Lifts offers the best on the Emerald Coast for boat lift repairs!

If you definitely know your boat lift has damage, don’t wait any longer. We can install new bunks, brackets, guides or even a complete cradle in short order. Our cradles are 100% Marine Grade aluminum with all Stainless Steel hardware. Check out our Marine Grade extruded aluminum bunks that have a non-marking vinyl pad on top to protect your boat.

Contact our professional team today to get started. Our team will evaluate your boat lift and give you an estimate.

Boat Show Recap

The team at Breeze Boat Lifts would like to thank everyone who stopped by to talk with us at the Emerald Coast Home and Boat Show. We were excited to see so many members of our community present at the event. It’s our hope that you found our attendance helpful and that we answered all your boat lift questions. If you happened to miss us at the boat show, don’t worry. As a local company, we are always available to offer our expert advice.

Thank You for chatting with us at the Emerald Coast Home and Boat Show!

Be sure to stop by our shop anytime. We are conveniently located at 630 Lovejoy Road in Fort Walton Beach. We are also happy to meet with you at your dock. For more information on our lifts visit us online at breezeboatlifts.com or give us a call at 850-244-4567 . We look forward to hearing from you soon.

2017 Home and Boat Show

The 2017 Home and Boat Show is just days away and if you are Fishing for a boat lift that works with ease…..Call Breeze. Be sure to also come by our booth and get a sweet delicious treat. This will be a day to remember for all boat aficionados. Our team will be on hand to answer all your boat lift questions and help you figure which one is best for you.

For more information regarding the show please visit http://www.emeraldcoasthomeshow.com/. See you there!

Emerald Coast Home and Boat Show

Breeze Boat Lifts will be a vendor at this year’s upcoming Emerald Coast Home and Boat Show. This will be an exciting event taking place at the Emerald Coast Convention Center from September 23-24. This is the perfect event to come by and check out our boat lifts in person. We will be available to answer any and all questions regarding our lifts as well as how we can help you maintain your boat in top working order.

Join us for the Emerald Coast Home and Boat Show!

Along with hundreds of other vendors, there will be prizes and giveaways. For more information regarding the show please visit http://www.emeraldcoasthomeshow.com/

From personal water crafts to small boats, contact our professional boat lift technicians for questions about investing in your boat lift.

2017 Emerald Coast Poker Run and Boat Show

Northwest Florida’s emerald coast has many annual traditions. One event that has become a part of that is the Emerald Coast Poker Run and Boat Show. It is an event that supports an organization for children’s charities and youth organizations under the Emerald Coast Foundation. The Emerald Coast Foundation’s mission is to “Invest in Youth” of the Northwest Florida Panhandle.

The weeklong event is designed for the enjoyment of all in the community and visitors while helping a great cause.

Rain or shine, the event begins on August 9th until August 13th 2017.

For more information on registration, events, and more, visit emeraldcoastpokerrun.com

When you are done supporting a great local organization, contact Breeze Boat Lifts and how you can make maintenance on your boat easier with a quality boat lift. Consistent and proper boat maintenance will ensure that you are able to enjoy participation in exciting upcoming events such as the Emerald Coast Poker Run and Boat Show.

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From personal water crafts to small boats, contact our professional boat lift technicians for questions about investing in your boat lift.